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Entreband tour


Hear that bustling of rhythmic beats and street vernacular? No, then surely you must feel the energy in the room, the swaying of feet on the dance floor, the moving of lips to enticing lyrics, and that musky smell of sweaty bodies. No, you say? Then maybe, just maybe, there is a chance you have never heard any of Souly Had’s music before? Don’t feel left out because you are in luck; the New York based rapper Souly Had will be performing in the ten day Entreband tour across the country. For more details on the dates and places, check out the tours section on our website, which provides the full sketch of the Entreband tour.

Of course, Souly Had isn’t the only one performing in the Entreband tour. So be sure to check out the other talented artists in the Entreband tour, such as Mac Moon, Mostly Everything, DEO Worldwide, DJ Siroc, D3V, and B. Chaps. If you are a fan of good, soulful hip hop music, then you must check out Entreband this March! The tour starts in SUNY Oneonta on March 13th and comes back full circle to Upstate New York on March 24th in Albany’s own Jupiter Hall.


When: March 13th to March 24th (see the tours section on our website for more information)

Tickets: $10 ADV/$15 DOS